Dry Cleaning - Storage Conveyors

Contin-U-Veyor is a durable tubular designed White Conveyors product that is used to transport medium-duty loads. A wide variety of White Conveyors standard components are available to ensure an efficient, durable, custom designed system.

Contin-U-Veyor is ideal for: steam tunnels, garment transport, manufacturing and general material handling.

Contin-U-Veyor can be configured to your needs:

POWER AND FREE SYSTEM - used to transport White style trolleys both horizontally and vertically. When configured with standard White components, an entire routing system for bulk loaded trolleys can be designed.

"STEP" PENDANT CHAIN - designed to transport bundled or single hangered goods with minimal sliding friction and/or hanger wear. By keeping single or bundled goods off the track and carried on the pendant arm, longer conveyor designs are possible.

PENDANT DOWN CHAIN - when designed with special attachments, this configuration will carry a variety of items. The low profile design and tight radius bends allow efficient routing of conveyor path.

PENDANT UP CHAIN - is used primarily for hangered goods. The small diameter tube allows hangers to be hung directly on the track and pushed up by the pendant. Loading and plow-off may take place anywhere along the conveyor system.

Contin-U-Veyor components specifications:

SLOTTED TRACK - durable, long lasting and easy to install
1-5/16" O.D., 13 gauge, stainless steel

BENDS - extra strength in areas of highest wear
All stainless steel, vertical and horizontal
Standard Bends 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, & 180°
Custom bends available for any design requirement

STEEL CHAIN - ball bearing wheels mounted vertically and horizontally ensuring low rolling resistance. 300 lb. chain pull

HARDENED PENDANTS - minimizes wear and suitable for any application
3" pendant at 3-1/8" and 6-1/4" spacing
3" step pendant at 3-1/8" and 6-1/4" spacing

DRIVE WITH TAKE-UP - allowing equipment to function longer without continual maintenance.
90°, 180° drive
Optional automatic air operated or manual screw take-up

PLOW-OFF STATIONS components to customize your material routing needs.
Air Operated or Fixed

Remote control consoles available for ease of operation.

VARIABLE SPEED CONTROLS used to fine tune production speed. Remote variable speed control available.