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CUS Automated Order Assembly System

White Conveyors newest addition to the patented Comp-U-Sort® (CUS) line, The CUS Order Assembly System, automatically sorts and assembles customer orders effortlessly. Integrated with any POS system, orders are assembled and ready for bagging. White Conveyors CUS Order Assembly System is the perfect solution to expand your existing business, improve customer service and increase profits.

CUS Automated Order Assembly System

Automated Comp-U-Sort Systems were designed to improve productivity by providing a more efficient means of sorting garments on hangers. Common applications include: high volume industrial laundries, institutional laundries, dry cleaners and retail organizations requiring automated sorting.

  • Requires only one operator
  • Load up to 600 pieces per hour
  • Assemble up to 150 orders per hour (4 pieces per order)
  • Easy to use, robust software
  • Integrates with all POS systems
  • System Planning and Site Engineering
  • Four drop stations are standard

Dowload literature

The Process

  1. The operator will be asked to “log on.” This employee’s ID Number will be sent to the POS System to log the employee’s performance.
  2. By selecting the “Assemble Garments Button,” the conveyor will reference and continually run at 45 feet per minute. Speed can be increased as operator gains experience.
  3. After the conveyor is referenced, the operator will be prompted to “Scan Garment ID.”
  4. Once the first piece of an order is scanned, the customer information will appear on the screen, an invoice will be printed, and a beeping noise will sound. The operator will take the invoice and place it over the hanger; then place the garment on the conveyor within the “Load Station.”
  5. The operator will continue to scan and hang garments while the conveyor is rotating.
  6. When an order is complete, it is immediately delivered to one of the four drop stations with the invoice attached to the first piece.
  7. If a second order is completed while the first order is being dropped, it will be deposited on the second drop station. As orders are completed, a maximum of four orders can be dropped from the conveyor per revolution of the machine. The completed orders are delivered from the conveyor to a holding rail.
  8. On the holding rail, all pieces from the order are deposited with additional orders being sequentially dropped until the rail is full.
  9. Completed orders can be removed and taken to a bagging or tie-out station.

Standard Conveyor Specifications:

Conveyor speed: 45 feet per minute

Orders per hour: 150 orders (4 pcs./order)

Sort rails: 4

Computer system: Windows based

Input device: touch screen and scanner

Slots: 150 slots on 30 frames

Weight: 600 lbs

Voltage: 115V standard with alternate voltages available on request


Additional drop stations

Additional load stations

Additional slots

CUS Order Assembly System Software Specifications:

Easy navigation thru operator screens

Select the POS interface

User configurable drop stations

Send orders or routes to a specific drop station

Split incomplete orders which will notify the POS System so the order can be handled properly

View conveyor inventory by Slot Number/Ticket ID/Garment ID, etc.

Software calculates load and drop rate per hour.

Advancing Forward

Backed by 70+ Years of Success